Bringing your workplace to life

BrewHub is a specialist provider. Our services are tailored individually to each client and deliver a hands-free, simple solution with the support of centralised management systems.

We can provide you with:

  • Milk and Milk Alternatives
    We offer milk delivery to all our clients' workplace hubs. We monitor stock levels continuously to prevent under or over ordering - saving money and reducing waste.
  • Fruit, Snacks and Consumables
    We source and deliver fresher fruit, snacks and consumables such as sugar.
  • Workplace Coffee and Beans
    Our flexible, fully integrated workplace coffee service creates vibrant staff hubs for your staff to connect, collaborate and share ideas. Our coffee machines are monitored remotely to ensure a continuous supply of fresh coffee beans is delivered to your workplace.
  • Workplace Water:
    The stunning Danish designed TopWater from Scanomat, exclusive to BrewHub in Australia, delivers an endless supply of still and sparkling cool or ambient filtered water.
  • Proactive Machine Maintenance
    We've developed a proactive maintenance program to deliver an unsurpassed machine availability rate of over 99%, while our average time to fix faults is under 3 hours.
  • BrewHub Valet Service
    Our BrewHub Valets are the central axis around which the whole BrewHub ecosystem spins. They come to your workplace and make sure your staff hubs are ready to welcome visitors with a delicious beverage and a clean, fully stocked hub.
  • Corporate Catering
    Get top quality food delivered on-time, ready to enjoy while we quietly and efficiently handle all set-up, service and clean up. Accessible anytime in our online portal or from your valets.
  • A single invoice
    We can add the fees to one invoice, reducing your paperwork load.

For more information about the BrewHub Experience, please visit